Musings on LOK 48

Exploring Space, Time & Knowledge

Time at the center:

I’m copying the exercise into my journal; affording another route of imprinting; hearing the words in ‘my mind’ as I write, remembering Jack drawing attention to: ‘Continued practise of this exercise can introduce a non-ordinary way of being in which knowledge could be said to choose itself’, and hearing him emphasize the phrase ‘in which knowledge could be said to choose itself.’

Allowing that to resonate.

Interwoven layered rhythms of sound mark Time at the center – on the wall behind the regular tick-tocking of a clock; in front the soft staccato of the pen; the slightly rocking table causing the glass in the adjacent cabinet to chink a little; outside (beyond in a wider Space) the intermittent sound of a drill; nearer in (in a deeper space of feeling) the gurgling rhythms of breakfast being digested.

Waves of heat.

The arm that has written all this is a few minutes nearer to death; changed irrevocably and constantly in flux as it continues to move across the page, which, in itself, in some future time, will be consumed by fire or recycled into another form…

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  1. michaelg says:

    Beautiful. Very evocative.

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