but what forms the Logos?

What creates, forms, determines & maintains the Logos? Or how is it created, formed, determined and maintained? Are beings such as hungry ghosts ‘inhabitants’ of a different logos, or simply part of the logos not yet available to awareness? (I think this may be a similar question to one Michael asked towards the end of yesterday’s class). Does the screaming seagull in the street outside inhabit a different logos (to the one in which ‘I’ operate)?

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  1. Caroline Sherwood says:

    Thank you, Michael. Yes – these are the sort of questions I have asked, too. I am in the process of doing a search for Logos and Read Out using the pdf search function on the disc, to try to get an overview of the presentation of these two words within the whole vision. Searching something like this is something Jack recommended (I think in WIR). Anyone else got any ideas…?

  2. michaelg says:

    It’s still a mystery to me. The Logos appears to be a child of knowledge prior to all the interpretations and identifications with which I seek to make knowledge my personal possession. Yet is it shared with other acquisitive “knowers”? Do we each have our own logos defined by how we view our experience? Is the logos timeless, or more like the consciousness of a species living in an historical era? Does the logos respond to the approaches we make to it, like a wolf returning the gaze of a cave man at the fire? Each changed by the possibility of a relationship?

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