Do you know the difference?

Hallo everyone,

I have a question connected to the assignment, Jack gave for this week.

What is the difference between a “meaning” and a “timed-out meaning”?

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  1. Eliana Kalaf says:

    Hi Klaus,

    Here is my understanding and my contribution.

    One reference is:
    The self or subject is really an object timed out by “time”. The known object is equally given by “time”. TSK 170

    Reading this I can say that timed-out meaning is a meaning already given a frozen meaning. A meaning not timed-out is alive and always changing.

    The quality of separation is also timed-out. A meaning timed-out is based on frozen memories of the past, separated from what is going on now.

    So, what do you think?

    • Klaus Noldes says:

      Hi Eliana,

      yes, thank you, that makes my stuck mind move again on this point.
      My sense is that a meaning in itself is a frozen thing, timed-out by nature already.
      So to talk about a ” non- timed- out” meaning does not really make sense to me.
      A “non-timed-out” meaning is not a meaning anymore, but maybe something like time happening, presenting.

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