Yesterday I was at a Music Discovery meeting, to introduce people to the programme for the forthcoming 70th Cheltenham Music Festival in the UK. One of the performances is entitled ‘The Planets and the Great Animal Orchestra’. Gustav Holst lived in Cheltenham. This performance will combine music with the work of the environmentalist and soundscape recordist, Bernie Krause. The festival programme says: This five movement symphony combines live orchestra with Krause’s recordings from around the world – including the Sumatran rain forest, American Pacific tree frogs, African elephants and gorillas, and a range of exotic, South American birds.

A new source for the practice of ‘Marriage of Sound and Breath’?


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  1. michaelg says:

    Hi Caroline,
    This seems in the spirit of your vision for a multi-media TSK perfromance. I wonder if in addition to the sounds of life in its wild habitants there will be video images of nature.

    The world is breathing but are we mindfully listening to the breath in which we live and have our being . . .

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