Space as Witness

What keep us from engaging the dynamic of time?

The reading points toward the sense of self, but there is other obstacle worthy of note: concentration. If there is not focus it is difficult to pay attention to anything, to make contact with everything around. I had trouble in the past related to this issue, but now, after practicing and training the mind I feel myself more mindful and aware than I was in the past.

So, more focused, I can bring more space to my experience and realize time unfolding differently.

TSK book points that time, space and knowledge are together in our experience, so in my understanding, even when we are investigating time; space and knowledge are also present. It is just a matter of including them during the inquiry, during the search for deeper knowledge.

Walking in the street on the other day I could see the difference between being self-centered and being space-centered. When I left home, I was in a hurry, barely aware of my body, only thinking what I had to do, separated and apart of everything else. And all of a sudden I remembered the inquiry about engaging the dynamic of time. Aware of what was happening could feel my solid body tearing the space, like a king marching against a fearful crowd, without caring about what was left behind.

Focused and aware I could bring another quality for what was happening by using an effective practice I´ve done before. Instead of ripening the space like the self would do, I brought space inside my body and walked as if the space was moving with me, like a wave in a lake, delicately caressing the space around me. More aware of the space inside and outside, I could perceive more light, more details: the openness of space embracing all appearances and the aliveness of time expressed in moves, colors, beats, rhythms and joy.

Not appropriated by the self and anchored in space, the witness can bring more suavity and openness to the experience, generating a symphony of interactions.

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  1. John Brossard says:

    Hi Eliana,

    I really appreciate your image of space moving with you, as you, like a wave. That actually feels very close to reality.

    The other comment about tearing through space as an individual and causing reactions or a wake in space is similar to what I’ve been working with for years in nature, which is being very conscious of how nature responds to the space and energy of my presence as I move within it. Birds are one of the most sensitive aspects of nature and give us direct feedback about our energy. So, from a greater space, greater time level, there is a merging of knowledge among human/bird, a human/bird field, for instance, as we open out into space and time.

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