Space as the great magician

When I began writing this week paper I had difficulty to start because I was concerned about some arrangements I have to make about a refurbishing in a commercial office. My mind displayed to me very busy, completely glued in the thoughts of decisions I have to take, people I have to talk with, and so on. I feel my body tired and tense.

At the same moment I read: Direct your attention to the stream of thoughts…attention can shift to what happens when the thought comes to an end; sensitively observed, the thought ‘opens’ into a kind of space—a ‘deprogramming’ in which it becomes clear that the stream of mental chatter is not necessary. This can evolve to a level at which it is no longer necessary to make a sharp distinction between thoughts and the space between them, for the thoughts also appear as space. A way into this awareness is to focus on the ‘opening’ of thought into space in such a way that you both see and do not see it. KTS 207

The result of simply seeing the thinking mind in operation is powerful: In the very moment that it is seen directly in this way, the mind disappears. KTS 208

Aware of the manifestations of mind and focusing in the field itself, a break happened creating a transition in the field, a field of knowledge. I could then ‘feel’ that although the concerning thoughts were there, they were not occupying space. There was a shift from a field where the prevailing feeling was anxiety to another where openness was prevailing. Although in the beginning only mind was more visible, I could also feel before the shift my body constricted and after, a body more relaxed.

One at a time, or perhaps even simultaneously, we can open up the ‘feel’ and the boundaries of each physical and mental faculty. As we proceed layer after layer, we come in the end to the commonality of ‘knowingness’. KTS 383

As we go directly to the ‘feel’ of open space, the mind can enjoy more beauty, accepting a standing invitation to ‘enter’ a different realm in which there is nothing for the mind to do. KTS 209

We can make the ‘fields’ of knowledge transparent, so that ‘field’ determinations’ appear less fixed and more variable in nature. In the physical domain this will mean opening into space; for the emotional realm, it means becoming more clear and sharp, less readily caught up in distinctions that carry a specific charge. KTS 383

With Space as the great magician, there seems no need for anything else. Alive to space, we hear a silent whisper that has always been there, offering unheard of well-being. KTS 210

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