Field Beyond

As I did the KTS exercise again and with consideration for TSK 4, I was able to contact a space-knowing that did not rely on my perspective, that did not rely on ‘a’ perspective. It was hard to separate the space from the knowing. This experience had a profound affect. It’s been creeping up on me in the last week from various angles in my life, and it was happening quite strongly for me today as I walked about town in the middle of so many people and buildings, moving objects, sounds. There was some knowing that did not relate to me, but that was accessible, was in ‘my’ awareness, but did not rely on me to have awareness of it. It’s kind of unimaginable to me, but it’s clear to me that something – not the best word – has to be aware, or conscious, or energy beyond what I can perceive with the senses, mind, thoughts, body of my individuality. If I am a focal setting – my whole life – then Great Space and Knowledge (and Time) enliven that setting but in no way can be contained by that setting – ever. So, what does that mean for this whole self-oriented progression along a path, or a life? What consciousness do we actually accumulate or achieve? What does it matter what the self achieves? I experience cosmic humor as I write this.

In the use of the word ‘field’ in KTS and TSK, I notice that the first three TSK uses relate very well to the KTS propositions – either in a second level way, or even a Great Space way – whereas the last three TSK uses use the term to refer to the field of first level space, the ‘polarized’, ‘stratified’ and infinitely, physically extended medium which we find our ‘selves’ in. The practice of the exercise this week helps foster a beginning experience of how KTS describes a second level field of space that is not even the dimensional space where subatomic particles show up, or the space of the mental realm, and this nicely throws us into an unknown area. What is the nature of this allowing Space? Just holding it as beyond what we think we know of space is enough to bring it into relief and to play with it as a variation. This possibility that there is even more ‘kinds’ of space than even infinite physical space seems to make it easier to penetrate the opaqueness and busyness of our ordinary experience. This is a gift that hadn’t quite opened in this way til now.

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  1. David Filippone says:

    Really resonated with this John. I remember when it dawned on me that all the spaces I encountered were not alike. It was a jolt, a sunrise of illumination. A new, fresh Spring. :-)

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