It is not a model

All of us human beings always have this feeling of loneliness, isolation and fear of the unknown, fear of losing control. Throughout history many patterns, theories and models were built to counteract these feelings. But just recently these models evolved to be more inclusive, to consider the observer as part of the experience influencing it’s unfolding.

In TSK vision nothing is fixed but everything is included. I t is a vision to open our understanding, to challenge our fixations, to be more inclusive and flexible. A vision that dilutes our fear in beauty and creativity.

So in the first book of TSK this vision was presented gradually and in the other books approaches more sophisticated were pointed. In Knowledge of Time and Space – KTS, the notion of field in operation was presented.

We can challenge these limits (of conventional knowledge) by considering the world of conventional space, ‘within’ which the ‘‘bystander’ observes ‘outsiders’, as the shifting exhibition of a ‘field.” KTS 178

Instead of having discrete things/concepts/entities, KTS suggests an all inclusive field which transforms itself according to the dynamics of its components.

In the book Time Space and Knowledge – TSK, this all inclusive vision was constructed along the entire book.

TSK 28 invites us to know differently: instead of simple “conjuring up of conventional elements we can bring a new type of knowledge concerned more with an open field or dimension—which makes it possible to take up various points of view—than with the observed objects deriving from such particular points of view.”

TSK 67 offers a field of possibilities to counteract the narrow minded self analysis.

TSK 97 points that All experiences are expressed in terms of meanings, and are positioned and directed. The world as background, and ‘here’ as foreground, constitute a polarized field, a being ‘given together’ as a ‘meaning’.”

TSK 74 states that “by appreciating Great Space as being the ground of our realm, we can counteract the cause and effect perspectives which constrict the vital and infinite dimensions of immediate appearance.”

TSK 110 puts that “However, Time, Space, and Knowledge are also not located elsewhere (within that space). It is very hard to relax when we are located in a heavily structured and stratified field. But, by including all such stratifications and stratifying tendencies within the Space-Time-Knowledge vision, we can allow everything to contribute to our relaxation. There are then no obstacles and no distractions—everything can help us.

TSK presents a field where various points of view were possible, a field of many possibilities, in which there is meaning and which can be appreciated. A field experienced through TSK vision that includes all fixations, stratifications and tendencies.

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2 Responses to It is not a model

  1. michaelg says:

    I like the way you start from the feeling of loneliness, isolation and fear of the unknown, and then proceed to invoke the TSK vision to address the roots of this painful situation. By contacting knowledge of an underlying field we can ground ourselves in a a more spacious realm than the polarized version of knowing to which we have grown accustomed.

    The way you string a necklace joining several quotes from the books and thereby illuminate facets of the vision which can heal the “stratifications” which dominate us, is very helpful.

  2. David Filippone says:

    I love your post… envisioning, embodying, “the field”, the opening possibilities, the connections of multiplicities, the inclusiveness of perspectives… I hear the rhythmic echo beating… a connection, the song of living…

    “I am no longer a singularity, but a multiplicity of perspectives with unique beats observing my movements, watching my viscous medium gulp-gasping, bubble-burping, tin-tapping, rust-bucket-passing through.” :-)

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