To think through

What does it mean: To think through?

My thinking seems to have many levels. Thinking has to do much with words. But also: words seem to have many Levels. A word in a newspaper, a word of a poem, a word from Jack one day, and a word from Jack the other day. A word written or spoken; written or spoken in a genuin language or translated; spoken or written by the head, throat, with the heart, ….. and the many facets of the àura`of a word.

Questions, questions…



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2 Responses to To think through

  1. Hayward says:

    We can think through thoughts, in which case thoughts become the tunnels of perception and we tend to believe whatever we think, or we can think through thoughts recognizing them as without substance and therefore losing their gravity and grip…..I am finding the recognition that thought have no substance to be very freeing, particularly when the thoughts have a troublesome tone.

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