Knowledge eyes are space eyes II

Since I could not relate to the assignment I focused on the walkabout practice of seeing with knowledge eyes.
For me the best way to relate to that is to see with space eyes or light eyes. It`s like retracting the focus from things (thoughts) and include more awareness of space around things
(thoughts) and then let this awareness expand what means sensing more space. Doing this there is always a sense of more light being present. From this lighter space it becomes possible to see pervasive patterns of the thinking mind and the strong momentum that keeps them manifesting as something real. This is a different kind of knowing, appearing first in nano seconds of silence between one thought to the next.
The difference to pervasive patterns of thinking can only be known from “higher” spaces,
spaces between,above, around or within thoughts. Words can only be pointers to this “higher” knowing.

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  1. Peter says:

    I don´t know what knowledge eyes are.
    But when I recited the “ah AH” of the ´phrase´( of TSK, Ex.35) I was relaxed and silent, I saw the normal reality very clear like clouds in the evening on a clear sky.

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