Reversing Temporal Structure – an experience

It is always easy to look back to the past bringing memories, feelings and commentaries. It is familiar and brings all the references I use in my life. The future is more elusive: it is a mixture of expectations and a protective feeling that lead me not to bring images to my mind in order to frozen the outcome. This was an advice I heard form a teacher a long time ago.

There is an image of the past that frequently comes to my mind. I was on the beach in a warm day with a clear blue sky looking at the ocean with a feeling of wanting to do something to change my life and some alternatives came at that time very different from what I am experiencing now.

There is a feeling of strangeness, a kind of resistance, when I imagine myself in this past looking for the future now, this right moment that I am writing this paper. In a certain way I brought the future into the past and the past became my present, the starting point of my time travel.

And then I imagined a time in the future when I come back to that beach in a sunny day and looked to the present, now and from this perspective this moment turned into my past.

If I do this time travel choosing a past and a future in the short range, like 10 minutes ago and 10 minutes ahead, it is difficult to identify exactly from which perspective I am looking, past present or future.

What is left is a bunch of images labeled of past, present and future connected by a line of my feelings, my expectations, and my wishes. I fine thread connecting my story.

It reminds me the Ariadne´s thread that helped Theseus defeat the Minotaur and not to get lost in the labyrinth. A line that helps me not to get lost in this big changing universe, that is so threatening but so full of unexplored possibilities.

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