Empowerment And Responsibility

TSK, Session 2, Assignment for week 4

“…We may try to break out of our sense of being trapped in ‘lower time’ by practicing meditation or other spiritual disciplines …”

Would a different understanding of time change the way you approach such teachings?  Look into this question.  Where does it lead you?


Yes, a different understanding of time, the one that TSK vision is guiding me towards, is changing the way I approach the spiritual teachings that I have been practicing.

Where does it lead?

It feels like it is leading to invocation of some empowerment hand in hand with responsibility to choose …

The empowerment component is my way of describing (in looking back at experience) the result of opening to a greater appreciation of ‘time.’  And it is present to the extent that the abundant freedom and variety offered by Space and the vitality of Time are present in my perceived presentation of ‘time.’ (TSK, P143)

And when I feel powerless, stuck, suffering…, there is a knowing that a lower time is in operation, and a (unconscious) choice has been made (taking responsibility).  That I am (my perceptions are) not open to inclusiveness and higher knowing of Time’s presentations … that in one way or another I am stuck in a certain track, structured in terms of one set of meanings or another, and I am then forced to observe the consequences of that track/choice.  (TSK,  PP138-139)


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  1. Eliana Kalaf says:

    Hi Soudi,

    Very nicely described. I agree with you that the trapp, blockage or barrier is not in meditation itself but in the conceptual mind and the self. In the TSK vision we have the opportunity to overcome these limitations and open to a greater appreciation of time and space.


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