The Detective Trail of TSK

I’ve begun looking into the Topics recommended in WIR Unit 2:

21. Symbols, page 175

63. Imagination, page 203

64. Speculation, page 204

Each topic in turn invites us to explore others. For instance, Symbols refers us to Zero (22) and Meaning (38). And these in turn refer us on to further topics, and so on.

If I’m not careful, I can become completely overwhelmed and confused (like when I find myself ‘down a rabbit hole’ on the internet, having lost track of any trace of the original research topic). On the other hand, this tracing-and-connecting activity in TSK can be enriching, clarifying and expanding; shining new light on present considerations, such as this from ‘Imagination’ (page 7 in Visions of Knowledge):

From the moment we imagine our way into the heart of our own being, the limits on our knowledge begin to lose their hold. It is not a matter of discovering secret knowledge or arriving at revolutionary insights. We simply find it available to us to imagine that what has been constructed could be constructed differently. With that simple move, the past and its structures, the self and its identities, no longer bind us so tightly. The gateways of the possible open to a new way of knowing.

This seems to have significant bearing on what we find when we practice TSK Ex. 7: ‘Body-Mind-Thought Interplay’.

In following such a ‘detective trail’ the web-like and multidimensional nature of TSK is beautifully revealed.


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