“The experiencer can be transformed directly into light” DTS p.168

In the TSK vision, a new experiencer is called for, an experiencer transformed directly into light. We hear this call as mystical, but there is no mysticism in sunlight, and the light we are naming now is more accessible than that. It is light at its simplest and most direct. Each perception can be a ‘light bridge’. Through light we can reach the other side of time.

Please comment, not relying on theory or concepts, not recording what you know or suspect to be so.

Birds 2

Sitting calmly, classical music on the radio slowly building with rising staccato notes becoming faster than my heartbeat, then modulating and retreating, only to gather harmony and fuller orchestration to build momentum once again toward the inevitable crescendo…

Meanwhile my eyes notice the rolling field out beyond the overhanging maple limbs, as ears join in synesthetic awareness. Startled, as if by the uplifting sounds, burst hundreds of starlings from the waving hayfield a hundred feet away, they flitter and swirl, this way and that, a fluttering cloud in avian unison. Abruptly the orchestra rises, as the birds assemble, sounds and birds shift rushing directly at me, as my heart pounds, and I feel the energy inflating my senses, there is a kinesthetic balance while proprioceptors seem to contribute to subtle disorientation. There is no foundation for experience. Sound, vision and light, and the emotive, flutter directly into a bursting heart. An extraordinary lightness of being, an almost indescribable fullness of experience, a moment so clear as to be exquisite.

As I move on without grasping, through time the residue of this moment lingers, the clarity and fullness – music continues to play, birds have flown away, the field continues to roll on thermal breezes, and I am a tuning-fork still vibrating… not just the gatherer or relator of impressions now, for I am the light. I am ringing, lit up, raw…

About David Filippone

David Filippone has been a student of Tarthang Tulku’s Time, Space, Knowledge (TSK) vision for over twenty-five years. For the past twelve years, he has studied TSK and Full Presence Mindfulness with Jack Petranker, director of the Center for Creative Inquiry (CCI). He also participated in programs offered by Carolyn Pasternak of the Odiyan Center. For the past several years, David has curated the CCI Facebook page, which is often TSK-focused, and he serves on the CCI Board of Directors. The CCI Facebook page can be found at the following link... https://www.facebook.com/CenterforCreativeInquiry/
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  1. David Filippone says:

    I wanted to further comment on the utterly simple experience I described above, and how the structuring of linear time loosened to allow it.

    The linearity of past-present-future, and cause and effect, shows up alongside of what we perceive. We can employ various models to inquire deeper into time; 1) the nuclear time model of perception prior to structuring, 2) the nested time model where past, present and future are imagined as nesting spheres sharing a nucleus as time radiates outward, 3) and the light model, a more open way of seeing time to experience full presence. Working with different models helps to loosen the grip of linearity in our experience to further open to the Body of Time.

    So if linear time is a structure we impose, without that imposed structure, then what does the Body of Time mean?

    The body of time is aliveness! It remains undisturbed by the way we structure or sculpt or form experience, the body of time is un-structured, something like the way space is ever allowing for objects to appear. Tarthang Tulku says:

    The less we insist, the closer we draw to the invisible energy of the Body of Time: the creative impulse through which appearance itself manifests… DTS p.165

    Inwardly conducted, time allows for encountering reality before specification. Light reveals, making available infinite riches to be recorded here and now. Projecting projects in a magical multiplication, wholly inexhaustible and indeterminate, not requiring any other force or attribution.

    Infinitely extendable, wholly unlimited, bound-less—time immeasurable arises and arises, with no turning back and no possibility for reduction. Creating as it extends, in its uniqueness it cannot be other than complete. It is at once a source of founding what appears and a resource for a knowledge deeper than founding. p.167

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