Linking to Light

FInding myself in old, neglected house; uncared for and apparently ugly. Shutting down, condensing, closing off. Trusting the suggestion to recognise and link to light. Connecting, integrating with points of light all around – reflected from shiny wall surface, from brass light fitting, from mirror…Turning inward to the posibility of what’s arising in mind being somehow connected to light. Sinking in and down. Inward lightness making itself known, as feeling, not seeing. Constriction melting. New workability in an entirely new time suddenly appearing. Caroline



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  1. David Filippone says:

    Hi Caroline,
    I loved this, and took the liberty of sending it to a friend who is just staring to read the TSK books, DTS in particular. I told her…

    “Just saw this fellow student’s recent post about her experience. I suspect she was in a real house, not a metaphor, perhaps on a tour. She’s describing and perhaps alluding to something she learned while practicing TSK. ‘Expanding and condensing’, and ‘Light’, are TSK exercises, but she has already integrated them into her everyday experience. I just thought this was a beautiful example of what a person can do when encountering edginess or uncomfortable situations, that they can deal with in any number of ways…her method being a more fruitful way.”
    – David

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