Through the teachings of Kum Nye Tibetan yoga I have learned that the Heart is nourished by beauty, feelings and meaning. I find this unendingly inspiring and practical: offering a way to diagnose and redress imbalance. The DTS reading for this week contains the gift of all three:

 In each moment, we can choose and cherish knowledge in all appearance. We can awaken our sensitivity and react newly to what arises; can cut each instant rejection of knowledgeability and inhabit what is happening. As we learn to direct our caring and discipline our appreciation, we can activate a boundless love for all that appears. We can let our love of knowledge lead us to the inwardness of time’s conducting and awaken to the prior unknown.

 Another Kum Nye practice (and indeed TSK Ex. 24) recommends tuning in to the energetic effects of sound – and particularly the sound of one’s own voice (in the case of the KN practice). So, this week, as I often do, I have been reading our DTS homework aloud. The reading evokes inner Kum Nye and inner Kum Nye immediately puts me in touch with TSK: they feed, inspire, inform and expand each other.

These practice days have coincided with being involved in decisions about Rupert, a much-loved and very ill 19 year old cat. I have found this reading of value in so many ways while contemplating Rupert’s deepest needs and the whole ‘mandala’ of his situation and those associated with him.

It seems to me that this reading encapsulates the quintessence of meditative endeavour.

Years ago, in London, when I was part of a Satipatthāna-Vipassanā group, we would utilise ‘fridge quotes’ to encourage our practice. We would post cryptic reminders, like ‘SOFT BELLY?’ on the wardrobe (closet?), computer, bathroom mirror and fridge door – in order to bring our attention to the body and ‘the moment’.

I find this reading lends itself beautifully to such reminders:

  •  Choose and cherish knowledge in all appearance – now!
  • Awaken sensitivity
  • React (respond?) newly to what arises
  • Cut each instant rejection of knowledgeability
  • Inhabit what is happening
  • Direct your caring…
  • Discipline your appreciation
  • Activate a boundless love for all that appears
  • Let your love of knowledge lead you to the inwardness of time’s conducting
  • Awaken to the prior unknown !!

It strikes me one could create a ten week course around these recommendations alone: one practice a week – each a key to a whole world, sufficient for a lifetime – in one short paragraph!


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