No Boundary

It occurred to me ‘What if I could actually feel another’s sensations and think another’s thoughts as s/he feels/thinks them? Immediately fear arose: ‘Do I really want that much freedom?’ ‘Could I really bear that much pain?’ Then I realised, ‘No, I can’t, but if I could do that, the ‘I’ that would be doing that would not be the ‘I’ that is expressing this reservation.

Alongside the current program, I have also been reading KTS, and beginning to explore Integral Theory, as presented by Ken Wilber (Integral Spirituality). This morning’s KTS reading meshed perfectly with what we’re doing at the moment in class: ‘Sense Field Dynamic’ (page 215 KTS) and the second chapter of Wilber’s No Boundary entitled ‘Half of It’ spoke helpfully to my dread of future pain. In it he discusses the difference between a line (a natural occurrence, e.g. seashore, which unites as much as separates) and a boundary (a mind-drawn separation extrapolated from a line which creates duality, divisiveness, conflict and battle). Such synchronicities seem to be integral to how an exercise such as the one we are engaging this week works.


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