Audio Recording Week 6: Thoughts about investigating the witness

I don´t know if I understood the explanations of Jack in the recording in the right way.

Jack asked us to investigate the bystander/witness: can I communicate with him, can I see his face, is he judging, in what way etc….  At once I could see and hear many bystanders, persons out of my life story, influential, like mother, brothers, teachers and self created persons who knew to enjoy life… There was much talking, judging, fighting, supporting . Seeing and hearing this I smiled and asked: what shall I do with all of them in my little cottige – and – are they all together my so called personality? (And I was remembered to “The Gestalt Approach..” of F. Perls.)

What will be, when all of them vanish? Is it possible? What means when I concentrate? Is it a negation of bystanders, a looking through them or looking through a hollow/tunnel?

With these thoughts (and the following thoughts about harmony) there was a feeling “that it´s”– but — were I in a dead end?


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  1. Jack says:

    This seems like a fine way to do the practice. Yes it has a little more of a psychological quality to it than much of what we do, but the idea is to notice how the bystander stands outside the aliveness of time. When do you see yourself doing that as you go about your activities, interact with people, and so on?

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