Associations with time: blooming,volcano, sexuality

I became a video (“Dance of the flowers”) where many different flowers (calyx),  began within 7 minutes to blossom, each in a very short time. This seems to me an example to bring down a time-mystery into linear time. The blooming seems to me the unexpressible miracle of a very slow opening.

A volcany was for us a analogy for areas of aliveness and dynamic. A picture, but under the surface, I ask, it could tell much more. When I go nearer ( I only want to do this in phantasy) to the immense dynamic of deadly eruption I quickly will be tranformed to a little bit smoke. So wth  TSK? The self knows that it has sometime to die when I walk on TSK. A living dying, a dying to be born. And the I (my I !) feels the warning emotion of anxiety.

Sexuality: I can not remember that I ever read about this power in TSK-books. In our culture I every day find it in and around myself. Is it too much intervowen with needs, moralty, taboos, prohibitions, creativity, higher rligious rituals, easy “misleading” powers to work and discuss on it? I think and feel, that it has much to do with immediacy, aliveness and dynamic.


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