Illustrations of aliveness

At first I want to express thanks to Jack for the careful and understandable  “Orientations”.

I look back for illustartions of more aliveness than usual, and I´m amazed by so many situations, for example:

– I´m together with a friend and I feel injured by a statement of him. I´m angry, I defend myself and I attack him. My voice becomes loud. I feel energy and aliveness, my perception becomes more sharp.- But suddenly my perception becomes wider and “deeper”, I perceive more than the cause of trouble and the situation more open and I (?, who?)thinks “stop!” This “stop” seems more to be a melting together of my friend, his emotions and thoughts, my emotions and thoughts, the surroundings on a “deeper” level, an unusual feeling. And my attitude changes into a loving one.  – My questions: who perceives the witness, who tells stories  (stop a aggression) about morality? Is the witness the agent and guardian of morality? – “A sudden insight”, a spark of “a deeper knowing”?

-I see once more a very nice and trusting little bird in the garden, he looks (for me) coming from another world: he is my “reminder” of “deeper” matters. When I see him, I carefully breathe in, I´m feeling more translucence.

-Sometimes, more often, situations/events fit to each other: I play the flute and finish – the phone rings…(and so on).. I feel a gentle stream of joy, or the glimpse of a “sudden insight”. (I think, in the last years I pay more attention to these situations.)

– May be, it is a similar joy: I do my early morning praxis with Kum Nye and it is the last motion, unexpected the first ray of sunshine in the morning touches my face, and when I turn round, there is a play of light and colours with the golden Stupa in the background, indescribable the light and my “feelings”.

– A look in my photo album of a journey to Tibet and India, inspiring stories, with immediate influences of my mind and body.

– My writing now: I feel a flowing energy in my back.

And sometimes: I look at these occurrences like a look on a far away strange and “dry” world.


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2 Responses to Illustrations of aliveness

  1. Karin says:

    Hallo Peter,
    thank you for your Illustrations of Aliveness. It is not easy to descripe the little shifts in daily life – the moments or streams of subtle joy and openness. You descriped it in a very helpful manner.

  2. Peter, I just loved this. You created a delicate moment for me, peaceful, the pleasure of being. I could almost see the morning sunlight, discern splashes of color, hear the flute, the bird. Time was … just so.
    Thank you,

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