Layers of story

Practising DTS 11: ‘Telling Stories this morning’ – I notice the layers of story under the surface stories, less well-defined, more fluid. They remind me of the stories of dreams when sleeping. Releasing the energy in both remains a mystery to me.

Would it be a good idea to collect what people are posting? People’s comments are so detailed and insightful: just marvellous. They could be useful to read out during seminars to expand and develop the discussion, when people have practised the exercises. They offer another ‘commentarial’ view of TSK which differs from the longer essays already published in books such as Dimensions of  Thought.



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  1. michaelg says:

    Hi Caroline,
    I know the feeling–that we could capture the flying moment and save it for another day. But perhaps the lively discussion going on, which feels more energetic and engaged than in previous years, has meaning just for today. Collecting the stories we are telling is a fine idea, but I expect that this refreshed energy is an aspect of a larger context that includes Jack’s talks, leavened by the perspectives of people such as yourself, together with the gathering momentum of the approach Jack has taken of reading just a few pages a week. Perhaps years of this slow, careful reading have allowed something to finally sink in. I know for me, it’s as if the TSK books that I have rushed through previously now have an unexpected message that I am beginning to hear.
    And of course, there is a potential issue with any plan to preserve our discussions for future students of TSK: what we say now will be the past for them and may no longer have the “aliveness” that it has now. –Michael

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