The Future Continuation Of The Past

I was pleased when Jack commented that the future may not be all fresh and new, but is the agent that also brings a continuation of the past.

Recognizing  that the vitality of time does express in all experiences, can help distinguish TSK from “new age”, “think positive” naivete; a naivete which only sees the miracle in the “positive ”

The “ever arriving” can be prerecorded content and it takes a new vision to see the clarity of the stream that supports and perpetuates the ordinary and conventional.

This has been an exciting semester.

Thank You All

About Hayward

Clinical Psychologist and practicing psychotherapist for thirty seven years. Studying Time Space and Knowledge since 1980 and integrating this vision into clinical practice as seemingly appropriate and useful.
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4 Responses to The Future Continuation Of The Past

  1. Hayward says:

    Evening David
    Got it……Thinking about you and caring.

  2. Of course it’s there, covered over by that ‘stuff’ you described. :-} Clarity muffled by that ‘stuff’ !! I think I’m in a blizzard of it right now!

  3. Hayward says:

    Morning David
    Beautiful description. Can also be observed in noting the stories mind weaves and the structure and function of thought. You nicely describe what allows and enables how we ordinarily think.

    During more inspirational moments we can see/ feel the rush of the ever arising.
    However I imagine the ever arising is also present during writers block and when everything we write is shit..

  4. Hi Hayward,
    It is a key point isn’t it: “the vitality of time does express in all experiences”. For me I can often see/feel it happening in the act of writing. I might have a loose idea of where I’m headed regarding what I wish to convey, but as I write, various strands of time, meaning and structure lead into an opening within which not-knowing is a space of energetic possibles, the unformulated if you will. Something (ideas) come right out of that space, they emerges from the ‘ever arriving’ and begin to tangle with the prerecorded, but when I widen my focus, instead of being affixed to content and structure, I’m open to the whole process.

    Agreed…It’s been a fascinating TSK semester full of the excitement of discovery, and the depth of my own vitality. Much Gratitude to all.

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