Inquiry, Speculation, Imagination (Practice Day)

The inquiry asks, “What’s going on in this situation?” I try to apply this especially in the tangle of emotionality and personality described both on p. 66 and in DTS Ex. 3: heavy, fuzzy, hopeless, dull—in the face of a problem or difficulty. My sense is that the answer is there already (literally: I know what to do), but it has no energy. But perhaps that is only in retrospect.

It seems helpful to structure the inquiry. What is missing that is needed? How ‘bigly’ can I engage the situation, how playfully? What needs to change? How do I need to change? The specificity of questioning makes the inquiry grow, like a plant reaching toward the sun.

Then there is the speculation. Could it be different? How? Speculation is the openness that ‘reaches toward imagination” (64). And then the clarity of imagination.

This is not the solution to a solid problem; it is not taking a position outside the problem, which will tend to be a position of not-knowing and dullness. The theme of interactability seem to matter here: the solution (or rather, the response) interacts with the problem: both are there together, neither more solid or demanding than the other.

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