Zeroless space


In (PP 44-45, DTS), we read:

“In zeroless space, dimensions open up as though unzipped.  All is equally available everywhere, for every ‘where’, and each edge opens into the whole.  Even the edge of the edge opens.  We are ‘inside’, and there is no ‘out’ side.  Though manifestations of energy may move toward particularity, the particles that form in this way remain transitional.

When each point is zeroless, nothing fixed is set up or established.  All appearance remains knowledgeable in the special sense that it is wholly accessible to knowledge.  Zeroless space manifests the Body of Mind, supporting universal knowingness.

Space in its zeroless appearing allows substance to dissolve.  But substance does not dissolve in space as sugar dissolves in water, losing its form; nor does it lose its density, like a stick of burning incense slowly transforming to ash.  Zeroless space appearing allows substance to appear as the appearance of substance; it accommodates the history of substance, its arising, and the fullness of its presence.  All this is available to be documented and authenticated, to be investigated and given structure through the range of disciplines fostered by ordinary knowledge.

Zeroless space accommodates without difficulty or contradiction the whole of what appears.  The transformation it makes possible functions at a different level.  It is founded in the appearance of space (Body of Mind) as the power to accommodate.   


Space (Body of Mind) appearance marks the ‘completely open’ of every thing (non-substance, projected like nature).  All is allowed, and all that is allowed shares in the completeness of the allowing.”   


Then in theory (not that I know how to do it), one who abides in zeroless apace knowingly, could change what is presented…  before its presenting or even after its presentation… shift and change the later becomings or presentations… as Milarepa could when he wanted to…and chose to do so… ( ie: in a war, shift the genocide that is taking place… ??!!!)

And a part of me says, one who abides in that space, knows that it is all in-substantial, and imaginary ( in the TSK sense), and will not go around shifting things around? Or Does she/he?


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2 Responses to Zeroless space

  1. Soudabeh says:

    thank you Michael for your response…beautifully put and explained… I understand it and feel and know its truth…


  2. michaelg says:

    Hi Soudi,
    I appreciate you taking the care to type in this long passage from our reading. Seeing it on the screen allows me to read it more carefully, with greater attention. Kind of like homemade cookies tasting better than store bought, because you can talk with the person who put them in the oven. As for your brief comments at the end, I find myself thinking that “changing” presentations may not be the most important thing. Or rather, it’s the inner change that can lead to an outer change; appearance can shift when we look at it differently, not because we will it to be different. For instance, if we have resentment toward someone, and then discover that beneath their behavior lies bereavement and loss, then we will treat that person differently and probably they will treat us differently in response to our new empathy. The outer change will be a flowering of how we are looking at the world. Similarly, seeing space openness in everything, everything appears spacious and open? — Michael

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