Breath & Sensation

Dear Friends,

If I’m quiet, it’s not that I’m not paying attention. My chronic illness has stopped me in my tracks during this last week, but I’m able to listen to the mp3s and read the study material. I just can’t post as often.

Today, with my body in pain, I was ‘feedling time back into time’ for a while, which certainly brought some spaciousness; and then I switched to ‘marrying’ my breath with the pain, and that was delightful – in that, it brought a plane of stillness co-existent with the sensations.

So, I’m with you in spirit. Thanks.



About Christopher

I first read TSK in 1978, and have enjoyed exploring Rinpoche's (printed) work ever since. I'm an insight meditation teacher in Sydney, Australia, and I live in the Blue Mountains west of Sydney. I'm also a psychotherapist and a Focusing trainer (Gendlin).
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  1. tinac says:

    Dear Christopher, hoping that this is finding you some better. Life can often stop us in our tracks. I have recently been writing some ‘darker’ poetry. I have found that if I do not fight what comes, but think of it as just something to ‘pass’ through, it helps in some small way. I will post some of the poetry I have been creating in the general comments section. It is difficult to open to joy when our bodies are racked with pain. It seems that the minds neural messages are so programed that to break the pattern is near to impossible…’flowing’ through it, and sometimes even diving right into the pain, can help. It is like jumping into a pool of water…it makes room for something other than the usual feelings of pain, and allows for some relief and even a little joy…

    Much love, Tina…

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