A nice Story

I try to translate a few chapters of LOK into German. It is difficult for me to do this, and I need very often to use the dictionary. But it helps to understand each word. Each word, but when I try to remember the whole text – I don´t remember. And I don´t understand. And when I go to bed I have a very restless night. Why?

When I wake up I think for a long time about little technical pieces of equipment (so as organizer etc., I like them) and I want very much to buy them. I take much time, to look for the best in the computer. Why?

And the ´I ´ answers: Oh, Peter,  you did understand on a unconscious level, that is irritating me, do you understand? And tomorrow go to buy your organizer and then you can keep all your things in order.

And the ´I´ is proud to ´understand´all the reactions. 


About Ludwigm

I am Peter Ludwig Machemer, 72 years old, with family (my wife Roswitha, two children and three grandchilds), my occupation was psychologist, and there are many interests/hobbies (Garden, Musik, handicrafts...).
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  1. Lexine says:

    Big help, big help. And sueplravtie news of course.

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