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The Truth about Crows

Franz Kafka’s aphorisms still speak to the reality in which we live. One observation, which ostensibly targets our playful, adamant cousins, the crows, strikes a disturbing note for our present time: “The crows maintain that a single crow can destroy … Continue reading

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Difference between Fields, and levels/systems/subsystems?

Fields like cultures, several religions , theories, scientific views can be very opac and secluded like closed rooms. What opens them, makes them permeable , translucent, interconnected? I remember the “Giant Body” Exercise : When I “go” from one “level” … Continue reading

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Is Enlightenment Caused?

Is there anything we can do to attain liberation? Is realisation the result of a process? I’m reading a very absorbing book: Conversations on Non-Duality. It is the account of ’26 Awakenings’, interviews done with a variety of individuals by Conscious … Continue reading

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Optical Illusions Show How We See

In the article, “Optical Illusions Show How We See”, regarding how information can differ depending on perception, the author asks — why is the sky blue? (emphasis mine) “The sky isn’t actually colored at all (not blue or yellow or … Continue reading

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Timely musings

I find that when I turn attention ‘Time-wards’ – such as when moving from room to room – it is as though ‘I am time’ – as though time and what ‘I am’ are not separate. In the last 24 … Continue reading

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The Prevailing Paradigm

We are born into a realm of thought with its prevailing paradigm. The conventional dualistic paradigm informs and forms us and we in turn perpetuate its way of knowing. So it seems we are the consequence of thoughts lineage and … Continue reading

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Several Perspectives at once

This is a practice that has captured my attention for several months where I work: a large non-profit which adopted a small 20-year-old non-profit I cofounded with a friend who has ALS.   Going about my business trying to help … Continue reading

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Model-based thinking

As those of you who attended the 2006 pre-conference workshop that Allan Combs and I led may recall, I have some reservations about the field of Systems Thinking (Systems Science). They have to do with the implicit assumption that the … Continue reading

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