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It is Good to Receive

We hear that it’s better to give than to receive, and my experience is that when I give of myself the world feels friendlier. Last night, driving to a restaurant (in retrospect I must have been distracted by life and … Continue reading

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How Different Cultures See Time

I came across the following article this morning that I thought might be of interest to members here: How Different Cultures Understand Time

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Meeting Point

This week practice remembers me a recent movie called A Bottle in the Gaza Sea (Une bouteille à la mer). It is a touching story about two people that never met but were both affected in unexpected ways. Their experience … Continue reading

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The Soul and TSK

I’ve been wondering why I keep being drawn to TSK.  This weekend I attended an opening lecture of a weekend workshop celebrating a spiritual path called “MasterPath”.  The core book, “Soul’s Divine Journey” uses words that I don’t personally use … Continue reading

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The Constructs of Past and Future

Jack ended this morning’s conference call quoting from this week’s reading about how we seem to be sentenced to occupy a vanishingly small present moment, because both Past and Future are constructs, not time which we can step into.  This seems a … Continue reading

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Several Perspectives at once

This is a practice that has captured my attention for several months where I work: a large non-profit which adopted a small 20-year-old non-profit I cofounded with a friend who has ALS.   Going about my business trying to help … Continue reading

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