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When Phil (in the film, “Groundhog Day”) tells Rita, “Be the hat” he has already shared with her that he is waking up every morning to the same day, over and over again. That afternoon, he is trying to teach … Continue reading

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Cells Unite

I’m just one cell, reporting in from the field. Things are quiet for the moment, but the rumblings of animosity between various factions seems to be hardening into place. It seems that these days everyone is a political pundit, repeating … Continue reading

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It is Good to Receive

We hear that it’s better to give than to receive, and my experience is that when I give of myself the world feels friendlier. Last night, driving to a restaurant (in retrospect I must have been distracted by life and … Continue reading

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How Different Cultures See Time

I came across the following article this morning that I thought might be of interest to members here: How Different Cultures Understand Time

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Meeting Point

This week practice remembers me a recent movie called A Bottle in the Gaza Sea (Une bouteille à la mer). It is a touching story about two people that never met but were both affected in unexpected ways. Their experience … Continue reading

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The Soul and TSK

I’ve been wondering why I keep being drawn to TSK.  This weekend I attended an opening lecture of a weekend workshop celebrating a spiritual path called “MasterPath”.  The core book, “Soul’s Divine Journey” uses words that I don’t personally use … Continue reading

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The Constructs of Past and Future

Jack ended this morning’s conference call quoting from this week’s reading about how we seem to be sentenced to occupy a vanishingly small present moment, because both Past and Future are constructs, not time which we can step into.  This seems a … Continue reading

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Several Perspectives at once

This is a practice that has captured my attention for several months where I work: a large non-profit which adopted a small 20-year-old non-profit I cofounded with a friend who has ALS.   Going about my business trying to help … Continue reading

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