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In one of my classes, the question came up as to ‘why’ we should want to get back to recognizing Knowingness in our experience… Why is recognizing Knowingness in my day to day living good for me? I came across … Continue reading

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Mr. Dumpty’s Rehabilitation

After his great fall, Mr. Dumpty took to wearing a corset. His figure had never been the kind that favored off-the-rack clothing, even those catering to pear-shaped figures, and, due to the way his shoulders tapered into his head, he … Continue reading

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Meaning without substantiality?

Jack asked if giving up our commitment to the proclamations of ordinary viewpoints means we will also give up what we view as meaningful—since meaningfulness is itself a kind of proclamation. This seems to be a paradox.  How can we … Continue reading

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The Edge of Time

Hameed Ali (A H Almaas) speaking about Time at the Science and Non-Duality Conference    

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No Boundary

It occurred to me ‘What if I could actually feel another’s sensations and think another’s thoughts as s/he feels/thinks them? Immediately fear arose: ‘Do I really want that much freedom?’ ‘Could I really bear that much pain?’ Then I realised, … Continue reading

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View from Nowhere

Reflecting on today’s call, and going in to this week’s inquiry, I’m finding myself challenged already.  (Not that that’s a bad thing!).  But in recent years, in other contexts, I’ve reflected a lot on the notion of a “view from … Continue reading

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Week 2 – More layers

As I continue playing with the non-content layers of experience: a deepening sense of realization of the number and complexity of layers surrounding, supporting, guiding and interacting with my awareness of “content”.   As I become increasingly aware of the 4 … Continue reading

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