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In the readings for the current advanced Full Presence Mindfulness FPM course it talks about the need for a new vision of knowledge, a new expanded awareness. In my private discussions with TSK students, one long-time student, Hayward, succinctly suggested, … Continue reading

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Opening the point… “The starting point of knowledge is the knower, the ‘I’ of ‘I am here’. Can we open that point? How would we begin, without immediately turning that beginning into another starting point? How do we pursue this … Continue reading

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X Marks the Vision…

On the Coattails of the Flying Moment A vision isn’t the same as the momentum of the life we are living. When we are actually living a vision (of what life is about and who we aspire to be), then … Continue reading

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Ty Mawr 2015: poetic experiments

During our mini-retreat in the lovely retreat house, Michaelgarth at Ty Mawr convent (27 Feb-1 Mar 2015), we experimented with looking at a couple of the diagrams in LOK  and writing short spontaneous responses. Here are some of them: PAGE … Continue reading

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Balance Point of Knowledge

Emerging from the depth of Space, before Time, the diamond-point nimitta of Knowledge arises, sometimes revealing itself in the ‘third eye’ of its devoted servants – and pulses outward to fill all Space; dissolving its servants and everything everywhere into … Continue reading

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Vase-Face Interplay

I wasn’t able to attend last week’s class because of  travelling and US time change. Listening afterwards, I wanted to share my experience of attempting to balance the simultaneous seeing of Vase and Faces. I noticed to be able to … Continue reading

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What are we doing?

What are we trying to accomplish? Are we efforting to understand time, space and knowledge? Or are we reveling in and cultivating a direct opening – an opening available through time, space and knowing? I’ve often thought about how it … Continue reading

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Looking Both Ways before Crossing the Field

Jack suggested we respond to some questions raised in When It Rains regarding whether the guided program we are following is subject to several of the limitations which the TSK vision examines.  Does the WIR ‘structure’ itself limit the potential … Continue reading

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Flowing Both Ways

Years ago it was a wonderful discovery to have revealed to me—during a retreat at the Nyingma Institute—that the senses are two way channels.  This deepened my experience, and to this day, walking under a tree whose branches are singing … Continue reading

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Acts of Positioning

Session 6, Assignment for Week 3. Jack asked “Are acts of positioning the same as Timed-out Meanings?” A distinction seems indicated between attention to what is happening in the present (looked at as gestures witnessed from within) and a focus … Continue reading

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