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POINTS OF CONCERN… In Full Presence Mindfulness class we were talking about the practice of being at the ‘edge of the future’… we go directly to the point of arising itself: the point in each experience where the future could … Continue reading

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How many words are there… who would know? If there are almost 7,000 living languages today, each could have several hundreds of thousands of words… if so, then there might be over 2 billion words in use today. Ken’s poem … Continue reading

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Beyond Language

Came across this article having read it several years ago. It’s written by a Zen Buddhist, and it’s quite good, in my ‘view’… I see parallels with my interests in language, poetry, and other studies. I often say I am … Continue reading

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Embodiment – (for Michael)

“Only from the heart can you touch the sky” – Rumi I had a tooth pulled last week. One of those big ones way in the back. Hurt like hell, throbbed a lot, narrowed my awareness like a sudden smack … Continue reading

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Assignment: Session Two, Week 3

In facing a practical challenge this week (learning to use an interactive website), my responses are: it’s too difficult; there’s not enough time; what will it lead to? (more complication, responsibilities, pressure…etc…!); feeling trapped. I notice I am at a … Continue reading

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Week 9 – TSK Ex. 26 – Transcendence of Pointings

I used to work with watercolors painting landscapes. The process from beginning to end is the implementation of countless pointings. There is an initial impression, which includes (a kind of whole), much more than will end up on paper. The … Continue reading

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Unit 17 – TSK Ex. 25 & TSK Ex. 26; ‘Intimacy’, and ‘Transcendence of Pointings’

I was toying with TSK Exercise 25 – Intimacy, while watching young birds dancing between green leaves in tree branches, thinking “That too is ‘I’,” and in doing so, the focus that I was holding seemed to expand, encompassing much … Continue reading

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