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In one of my classes, the question came up as to ‘why’ we should want to get back to recognizing Knowingness in our experience… Why is recognizing Knowingness in my day to day living good for me? I came across … Continue reading

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What does it mean to ‘MARK TIME’? What is the event of ‘marking’? Or even a ‘mystical’ way of life? Rinpoche takes an inspiring look at this in ‘Keys of Knowledge’. He points to a ‘pointless-point’ saying: “Even the unknowable, … Continue reading

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Ty Mawr 2015: poetic experiments

During our mini-retreat in the lovely retreat house, Michaelgarth at Ty Mawr convent (27 Feb-1 Mar 2015), we experimented with looking at a couple of the diagrams in LOK  and writing short spontaneous responses. Here are some of them: PAGE … Continue reading

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Trailer: new film by Nassim Haramein  

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It is not a model

All of us human beings always have this feeling of loneliness, isolation and fear of the unknown, fear of losing control. Throughout history many patterns, theories and models were built to counteract these feelings. But just recently these models evolved … Continue reading

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Flashing in and out of existence

I run the risk of sounding insane in writing this post. I want to air a number of threads which I sense to be connected, but can’t link coherently. I so appreciate this forum which provides a ‘safe space’ for … Continue reading

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Self Interpretation – (Week 6)

I appear to be on a single track with my posts regarding searching for work, but it’s the stuff of my experience right now. And so last week we were asked to observe the differences between a story and a model. … Continue reading

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