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TSK Ex 20: Reversing Temporal Structure

It is 22 November 1963. I am 12. I am in our West London bathroom, preparing a bath. “Oh, my God!” my mother exclaims from the sitting room where she is watching the early evening TV news. “What’s the matter?” … Continue reading

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Ripples of Response

Six days ago I received an email which was a tailor-made ‘eruption’, ideally suited to our homework this week. It took me entirely by surprise and challenged a number of secretly-nurtured mental niches and fantasy future projections (both for myself … Continue reading

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Intention, Prayer and Future Time

In his orientation for this week, Jack offers us a range of places in which to explore Time’s aliveness: ‘the aliveness of intention’ is one of these. I have long been interested in the energy of intention: when I was … Continue reading

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The Future Continuation Of The Past

I was pleased when Jack commented that the future may not be all fresh and new, but is the agent that also brings a continuation of the past. Recognizing  that the vitality of time does express in all experiences, can … Continue reading

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The Future that Never Arrives

When something never arrives, we might call it a dream.  Yet, paradoxically perhaps, pinning our hopes on a future that is pressed into the service of our wants and fears, is the biggest dream of all.  How wonderful that this … Continue reading

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Diving into time

I notice that my experience of this exercise is spatial (not temporal). When I go into the future of a moment, I move to the right, and to the left when entering the past. Into the present dimension I experience … Continue reading

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Past-Present-Future Structure

Do we experience time? And if so, how? It seems to me that the ppf structure that we think of as constituting time is really something rather different–not time at all. Putting that ‘something different’ into words is rather difficult. … Continue reading

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Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell

If we could see the future of what we are thinking, saying and doing today, would we change what we are thinking, saying and doing? Mindful of Aryadeva pointing out that what results from a given moment is determined by … Continue reading

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The Constructs of Past and Future

Jack ended this morning’s conference call quoting from this week’s reading about how we seem to be sentenced to occupy a vanishingly small present moment, because both Past and Future are constructs, not time which we can step into.  This seems a … Continue reading

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