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Ripples of Response

Six days ago I received an email which was a tailor-made ‘eruption’, ideally suited to our homework this week. It took me entirely by surprise and challenged a number of secretly-nurtured mental niches and fantasy future projections (both for myself … Continue reading

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Illustrations of aliveness

At first I want to express thanks to Jack for the careful and understandable  “Orientations”. I look back for illustartions of more aliveness than usual, and I´m amazed by so many situations, for example: – I´m together with a friend … Continue reading

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A Short Meditation of Moments through Time

I found this video helpful as a short meditation for inquiring into the play of the depth and flow of emotion that arose from the music in the listening field, along with the visual display of wildlife in stunning terrain. … Continue reading

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Week 8 — Trace the tendency of mind to move toward solidity…

I noticed when my brother challenged me on a political opinion I immediately began to separate from him.  I felt there was a position I needed to defend, the position was part of my conceptual identity. There was a sense ‘I’ … Continue reading

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Week 6 – DTS Ex. 22 – Return to Light

For me, an example of experiencing the quality of darkness within thoughts and feelings is when I’m faced with entering a social situation with numerous people and I feel a shyness, an impulse to hold back or pull back. Looking into … Continue reading

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