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‘Shylights’ in Amsterdam  

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Ty Mawr 2015: poetic experiments

During our mini-retreat in the lovely retreat house, Michaelgarth at Ty Mawr convent (27 Feb-1 Mar 2015), we experimented with looking at a couple of the diagrams in LOK  and writing short spontaneous responses. Here are some of them: PAGE … Continue reading

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Balance Point of Knowledge

Emerging from the depth of Space, before Time, the diamond-point nimitta of Knowledge arises, sometimes revealing itself in the ‘third eye’ of its devoted servants – and pulses outward to fill all Space; dissolving its servants and everything everywhere into … Continue reading

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Vase-Face Interplay

I wasn’t able to attend last week’s class because of  travelling and US time change. Listening afterwards, I wanted to share my experience of attempting to balance the simultaneous seeing of Vase and Faces. I noticed to be able to … Continue reading

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‘Patterns of incoherence within coherence’

On our mini-retreat a couple of weekends ago, we experimented with looking at images from LOK (page 2 & 136) and writing spontaneously whatever occurred. Some of the results of this will  be posted on the soon-to-be-available UK corner of … Continue reading

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Could someone write an ‘explanation’ (or even an exposition) of the word ‘zeroless’ in Chapter 6, DTS, Space Dimensionality. I am surprised to find I can follow what is being said quite well – getting the feel of it and its … Continue reading

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The Spark in the Machine

This book, by Dr. Daniel Keown, was recommended during our UK retreat last weekend. Of particular relevance to those interested in interface between TSK and Healing.  

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Philosophy and Drama  

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TSK and Human Evolution

I am referring to Michael’s comment at the end of class about ‘Eknosis’ being related to forging new left/right hemisphere brain pathways. Whilst aware of the pitfalls (alluded to by Jack) in pursuing such lines of comparison, I am increasingly … Continue reading

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‘Koans’ of appearance: DTS p. 31

Tarthang Tulku, 1994: The mystery of appearance can be phrased in many ways. There is the fundamental question of why anything appears at all, rather than nothing. There is the nature of the mechanism that allows appearing, as well as … Continue reading

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